"We assessed the overall situation of SMEs of Romania in the second semester of 2014 and the calculated entrepreneurial index points to a satisfactory evolution of the business environment and the SMEs sector, compared with the second semester of 2013. In fact, a satisfactory evolution is registered for the first time, after three consecutive previous quarters in which the economic evolution was unsatisfactory, which significantly affected the companies in question. The entrepreneurship index for the second semester of 2014 stood at 26.83 points, in the previous semesters having registered a negative value. However, it is worth noting that we register 26.83 points, while most countries of the European Union register values of 50 or even 75 points, which is the equivalent of a good or very good evolution of the business environment in the countries in question, with a need for growth in our case," Ovidiu Nicolescu said.


The entrepreneurial index is calculated as a weighted average between the business environment index, the SMEs evolution index and the index reflecting the appreciation of the entrepreneurs concerning the situation of their own enterprise.


"To ensure economic growth over the next period, Romania needs an innovating, bolder approach, meant to stimulate the business environment. The measures promoted by the European Commission and the World Bank are conservative, in general, don't allow economic crash, but don't ensure an obvious progress, either. That is precisely why the government must continue implementing the positive measures, mainly connected with taxation and state-aids granting, so that in the future evaluation of the overall situation of SMEs the results should be much better," the CNIPMMR Chairman said. (sursa: actmedia.eu)