Moreover, Eurostat data show, according to Mediafax, that productivity rate in Romania was EUR 5.6 / hour in 2013, six times lower than the European average and nearly 12 times lower than the productivity rate in Norway (EUR 59 / hour).


To increase productivity in Romania a solution could be integrating mobile technologies in SMEs. The results of both studies suggest a positive correlation between the degree of responsiveness to the integration of mobile technologies at the workplace and employees’ productivity in the economy.


Romanian SMEs’ employees continue to believe in mobile technology and in improving customer relationship as main engines for increasing companies’ efficiency.


The same study shows that over half of the Romanian employees (52 percent) believe that investing in IT is a priority to increase business efficiency, and 50 percent of them consider that a better relationship with customers could have the same result. The research was conducted in 16 countries in Europe, including Romania, and involved 5,555 employees from small and medium enterprises.


In Romania, more than in any other country participating in the study, SMEs’ employees value the balance between work and personal life. This is a priority for 87 percent of them, in contrast to the European average of 73 percent. To achieve this goal, most of Romanian employees, respectively 83 percent, believe that mobile technology might help them be more productive and maintain the balance between the professional and private life. (source: