Jumbo network currently includes five units in Romania, which brought a turnover of EUR 17.7 million and EUR 4.3 million profit between 1st of July 2014 and 31st of March 2015. The retailer will add to its network another two stores, in Ploieşti and in Piteşti, by the end of this year.


The transaction with Jumbo, which follows EUR 19.9 million deal with Auchan, leaves Rolast without a consistent portfolio of rentable assets. The company expects revenues from rents of 411,000 lei in 2015, compared to 16 million lei in 2014.


Rolast gave up its initial activity, the production of rubber goods, in 2007 when the company entered real estate businesses. The company, controlled by Naniero Investments Limited, has a stock capitalization of 18.4 million lei. (source: zf.ro)