At present, there is an opportunity to consider workplace management as a solution to redefine facility management, turning it into a more relevant area for organizational leadership and business.
There is an ever more obvious link between the needs of the beneficiaries in the built environment, employee productivity and facility management. 

Traditionally - and somewhat limited - the FM field is perceived as representing all buildings administration, operation and maintenance (cleaning, reception, security and access control, technical maintenance of building equipment, etc.). But FM also plays a key role in how people interact with the spaces in a building and with the culture elements of the organizations in that building, whether those people are employees, customers or occasional visitors to that space.

Thus, the facility management transforms: more than just serving a set of assets of the built environment, now also offers a workplace management in organizations.

Why Workplace Management and Facility Management together in ROFMA?
• The opportunity to increase the FM profile by demonstrating its impact on the strategic objectives of organizations
• The chance to create and deliver new FM services tailored to the requirements of the work environment
• The way to better outline the identity and status of FM jobs and to attract new talent to the FM field
• The ability of facility management to become the unifying and coordinating role of concepts, resources, and activities related to the workplace of an organization
• Moving from a limited, mostly technical, approach to providing specialized services to a strategic approach that is based on close collaboration with top management, as well as other organization structures, notably HR and IT, as well as with architects, interior designers, social scientists.
Including Workplace Management with Facility Management helps us reposition the field and lead to a better understanding of the value that facility management and workplace management specialists bring to organizations.

About Workplace Management
Working environment or workplace management is the management of all the resources needed to create and manage workplace experiences in order to align with the organization's strategic objectives and to help people work better, no matter where they work.
An efficient workplace management involves developing and maintaining in balance everything that influences people in their daily workplace: space, services, daily activities, technologies, information, behavior, the psychological and social environment. (source: ROFMA)