Thus, at the end of last year, KONIGFRANKSTAHL, a reference name in the field of distribution of metallurgical steel products, headquartered in Austria, signed a lease contract for a period of 5 years, for one of the Premium spaces offered by River Plaza .

"The Konig Group was founded in 1864, and from a family business with an experience of almost 160 years, today it has become an international concern, with branches operating all over Europe. It is a joy for us to expand our tenant portfolio with KONIGFRANKSTAHL Romania and we are proud to be able to offer our partners office spaces that reflect our commitment to perfection", said Roleta Barbu, Property and Facility Manager.

"We wanted a change of perspective and a location perfectly adapted to our working style, at the moment, therefore River Plaza perfectly suited the requirements and wishes of the KONIGFRANKSTAHL Romania team", mentions Mr. Marius-Ionut Pintilie, KONIGFRANKSTAHL Administrator in Romania.

This transaction was brokered by the AXIA Development agency, through Mr. Robert Ivan.

"The decision to choose this space came naturally, after analyzing the facilities and services offered by River Plaza, a building with a modern design, with a generous parking lot, with a diverse infrastructure, which includes a restaurant on the ground floor of the building, a beauty salon, charging stations for electric cars, parking spaces for bicycles etc. ", said Robert Ivan, Partner of Axia Development.