”Since the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted a very hands-on and proactive approach. Our top priorities have been and will continue to be, the health, safety and wellbeing of the people working and visiting our properties. We believe that our initiatives and the detailed and continuous communication with our +210 tenants who lease space in our 16 high-quality offices in Bucharest have been providing the necessary assurance for them to actively start implementing their return to the office.

After more than a year where the vast majority of us have been working from home, the ongoing vaccination program, the gradual relaxation of certain measures taken by the authorities to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing desire of corporations and the workforce to return to the office are manifesting in a gradual increase in physical occupancy rates in the Globalworth buildings.
In recent weeks we have recorded a weekly 4% average increase in physical occupancy in our properties in Romania.”

The OFFICE RENAISSANCE campaign, inspired by the artistic direction that Globalworth has always followed, underlines the Group’s welcome back message to the tenants and the people physically working or visiting the properties. More and more companies are joining the Globalworth District, the largest business community in Romania, and have announced their intention to physically return to the office. Their decision was supported by the common belief that a healthy and safe working office environment increases productivity, promotes creativity, innovation and consistency, and fosters relationships and corporate culture.

„ These past few months have been hard on all of us, and what we all miss the most is human interaction. Office life is not only about work, but also about being part of a community. And it was only after we started working from home that we truly understood its importance. We are delighted that the Globalworth District is returning to the office, evolving to a more hybrid-ecosystem, and we have chosen to welcome our tenants through the OFFICE RENAISSANCE campaign. Inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, we wanted to emphasize the rebirth of the (office) life, the rediscovery, the connection we have missed so much”, said Georgiana Oltenescu, Group Head, Marketing and Communication at Globalworth.

 Globalworth and the Globalworth Foundation, committed to the fight against COVID-19, have contributed over Eur 1 million to several initiatives. In Romania, they supported the medical staff in their communities who have been responding selflessly in this pandemic, and in partnership with public hospitals (5 hospitals in Bucharest and Onești), as well, NGOs and other authorities. In addition, they provided to the authorities c.300 sqm space in the class-A City Offices building to be used as a vaccination centre. The centre which is centrally located in one of the most densely populated areas in the South of Bucharest opened in March 2021 and had over 33,000 people vaccinated in this period, providing important help in the national fight against the pandemic.

 As many corporations invite or require their employees to return to the office, it very important that they follow the necessary health and safety protocols, as they provide for physical wellbeing and peace of mind. This is why, Globalworth has implemented a series of safety and hygiene measures such as rethinking the traffic circulation inside its buildings, taking measures to ensure the increased efficiency of the HVAC system, installation of antiseptic carpets, application of floor stickers indicating safe distancing, informing employees and visitors about the rules in place when visiting a property (keeping distance, washing and sanitizing, wearing a mask, etc), installation of disinfectant dispensers, performance of frequent cleaning and disinfection of high traffic areas, introduction of touchless solutions etc.