According to Mihai Paduroiu, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services - Office CBRE Romania, there is a new trend in real estate development market.
"The tendency towards attracting and retaining employees focuses especially on what we call the assurance of well-being. Thus, emphasis has been placed on facilities such as brighter and more spacious offices, plant insertion in the workspace and access to fitness rooms to relaxation spaces. For the same reasons, the share of retail space has grown from 5% as it was a few years ago to about 15% to 20% today", emphasizes Mihai Paduroiu .

According to a recent CBRE study on the impact that workplace optimization has on the productivity of employees, following improvements in wellness standards, productivity has increased in seven months with values ranging between 10% and 45%, depending on the criterion analyzed .

"Another major trend is the growth of coworking spaces, the trend that manifests in all mature markets, and Romania is heavily influenced. If about three to four years ago, coworking had a 3 - 5% share in the office space market, now it stands at 15-20%, and my estimate is that it will reach 20% by 2020, "says Mihai Paduroiu.

He adds that in the next period, any developer who wishes to have important tenants will have to include the coworking component in the projects he builds. The need for mobility of new generation employees makes this requirement a must in the top of the selection criteria for an office project for large companies.

Also, the area where the offices are located remains a very important factor for the future tenant. "Any experienced developer takes into account several criteria when choosing a new office project: easy access, both from the road and public transport point of view, as well as proximity to a subway station, proximity to some educational institutions , which is an important source of highly qualified workforce, the proximity to residential areas, especially the new ones, the requirement that has resulted in more and more mixed-use projects on the office and residential side, a trend that we expect to continue to grow in the next period", says the CBRE consultant. (sursa: CBRE)