„The investment transactions volume in the retail sector in Romania has increased significantly in 2013 compared to 2012, up to approx. EUR 190 million, which represents almost 60% of the total commercial properties investment. However, analyzing the total volume of the retail investments in Europe, the local transactions represent less than 1% of the volume registered in Europe, most of the acquisitions being made by a sole investor. Looking in perspective, we expect that on the background of the improvement of the macroeconomic indicators in the last year, Romania would slightly regain the foreign investors’ attention, especially of those targeting higher yields than in the Western European markets”, said Marius Grigorica, senior consultant within investments department of DTZ Echinox.

In 2013, the European market of retail spaces registered an investment volume of EUR 34 billion, up from EUR 20 billion in 2012. The activity on this market was stronger in the last quarter when transactions of EUR 12 billion were registered.

Great Britain and Germany totalized 33% and 27% respectively from the volume transacted in 2013. was registered in South Europe, the volume in this region increasing from EUR 0.7 billion in 2012 to EUR 3 billion in 2013.

The investments in commercial centres recovered sharply in 2013 with a volume of EUR 17 billion, up from EUR 13.7 billion in 2012. Great Britain’s market was extremely favourable, totalizing 31% of the volume registered in Europe.

DTZ anticipates the retail investments will grow up to EUR 38 billion in 2014, with EUR 17-18 billion to be invested in commercial centres.


The investments funds remained dominant players in retail and commercial centres investments, covering all sizes projects. The net investment value of the funds on the commercial centres European market has increased to EUR 3.6 billion. Although listed real estate investors were mainly interested in assets acquisitions with prices ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 500 million, the volume of sold assets in 2013 has exceeded the acquisitions volume. (source: wall-street.ro)