Ramona Iacob, Regus Romania Country Manager, stated: “Regus Romania is in full development, and the demand for flexible work solutions is also on the rise. Regus targets all client areas, from start-up companies to corporate companies. We can accommodate in our office spaces various types of clients, various demands, from one person to several dozen persons. We can also offer solutions that are efficient space-wise and cost-wise through other Regus products such as the virtual office, co-working spaces or access cards for our Business Lounge areas, conference rooms and part-time offices.”


The Regus Green Gate business centre is located at a ten-minute drive from the central business district, in the vicinity of IT, software and telecom companies and very close to the Chirigiu Square’s public transport hub.


The Green Gate business centre is a statement of respect for and conservation of the natural environment, being built in order to develop as much energy efficiency as possible. Its large windows, vertical gardens and interconnected gardens – both inside and outside – transform an office building into an oasis of inspiration and a special place for socializing.


The new Regus Green Gate centre answers even the most pretentious client needs when it comes to communication and technologies through unlimited high-speed internet, voice messaging, professional conference rooms, virtual offices, office space and access to business lounge.


Regus currently has a network of six business centres in Bucharest, Hermes Park being inaugurated most recently, in February this year. The other Regus business centres are located in Bucharest City Centre, Charles de Gaulle Square, Bucharest Floreasca Plaza and World Trade Centre Bucharest. (source: nineoclock.ro)