The investment plan of the company includes another new seven locations in Bucharest and three more in the countryside.

 “We planned that by 2018 to reach 15 flexible offices units in the entire country, seven in Bucharest, and the rest of three in big cities such as Timisoara, Cluj sau Brasov. The investment needed for developing such a space could involve several hundred thousand Euros”, has declared Ramona Iacob, national director Regus for Romania.

The company currently owns four such flexible office spaces in Bucharest, the most recent investment being in an office space with an area of 1,250 sq. m at the third floor of Gharles de Gaulle Plaza building in Aviatorilor area.

The new unit includes approx. 130 work posts, 49 offices and three meeting rooms, by now being almost fully pre-rented.

The company’s representative said that the companies interested in such office spaces were mainly in the fields of IT, law, software and outsourcing, consultancy, oil and gas or small entrepreneurs.

 “Our clients include companies such as Google, Exxon Mobil, PeliFilip and other more groups from various fields. The rent for such a space varies according to the requested area, starting from EUR 12 per month – for access only to Lounge area dedicated to socializing – to EUR 2,000 per month”, Iacob added, also saying that approx. a quarter of the spaces with higher rents are occupied.

Regus’ national director also declared that generally the contracts for such office spaces were signed for at least 12 months, over 70% of the clients choosing this type of contracts.

The flexible offices supplier increased its inventory assets volume with over 20% this year in Bucharest, following the newest investment made in Aviatorilor offices.

Regus currently owns four flexible office spaces in World Trade Centre, Rosetti, Floreasca Business Park and Charles de Gaulle Plaza, its most recent investment.

According to the company representatives, the four flexible office spaces in Romania represent a fifth of the available spaces in the Balkans – currently including approx. 20 units.


Regus is present in the region in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Cyprus and Hungary. At the local level the company includes 270 offices, and globally over 1,700 locations in over 100 countries. (source: