The new flexible office center inaugurated by Regus in Sun Plaza covers an area of 1,050 square meters and was opened to the public in May this year, offering both individual offices with natural light, as well as an extended coworking space, telephone booth for quiet phone calls and meeting rooms. Sun Regus Center is aimed at companies based in the north of Bucharest, who want to offer a working alternative for employees living in the south, as well as for small and medium-sized companies with offices in the southern area, looking for a higher quality office space. 
"Almost six months after the inauguration, we are pleased to see that Sun Regus Center attracts companies from the northern area as well as businesses from the vicinity of the project. We have clients whose activity requires presence in the south and who were expecting a modern class A space, with services included, in this part of the city. Since the opening, we have already passed the threshold of companies from various fields, such as IT&C, production, tourism, retail and e-commerce”, said Ramona Predescu (Iacob), Country Manager IWG (International Workspace Group), the company that owns the brand Regus.
IWG entered the local market in 1999, with the Regus brand, a pioneer in this niche, and in 2018 launched in Romania the brand Spaces, both brands of flexible workspaces, designed to increase productivity and creativity, dedicated to companies and start-ups. 
“In the last year, I have noticed a high interest for the flexible offices located in the southern part of Bucharest. We are in contact with several companies based in the north of the city, which consider that over 50% of employees live in the southern half and try to offer them more options for workspaces", said Vlad Damian, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Investor Leasing, CBRE Romania, which advised Regus on this operation.
The new Regus center benefits from the immediate proximity of the shops and services of Sun Plaza, also having direct access from the shopping center to the M2 subway, which quickly connects Sun Plaza to the office hubs of Victoria Square, Aurel Vlaicu and Pipera, as well as the major universities from the areas of Romana and University Squares.
"The market for flexible and coworking spaces in Bucharest has expanded rapidly in recent years, so we have over 40 spaces occupying a total area of about 70,000 square meters, according to CBRE Research data. There are numerous options in almost all areas of the Capital, with different service packages and budgets and we see how more and more companies offer employees the opportunity to save time, working closer to home and at the same time being part of a business community”, added Vlad Damian. (source: CBRE)