"Following our 15 years experience on the real estate market in Cluj-Napoca, we noticed the main changes the local real estate market went through and we can say that 2016 is a promising year when we estimate that all transactions, acquisitions or rentals, on any segment, will reach a total value of more than one billion Euros", has declared Ramona Cuc, broker – owner RE/MAX Grup de Lux.


According to her, nearly 75 pct. of the total transactions on Cluj market this year will involve residential properties, while the rest of 25 pct. will be divided between office, commercial or industrial properties.


"At the moment, the average price on the residential segment reaches EUR 1,200, the highest in the country, with peaks easily exceeding EUR 1,500 per sq m”, also says Ramona Cuc, adding that the prices have increased with nearly 12 pct on this segment in the last year.


Grup de Lux, a business started 20 years ago and then affiliated to RE/MAX network, registered in 2015 nearly 1.2 million lei turnover. (source: zf.ro)