The biggest subscription was made by Tower Center, company registered in Cyprus, which brought EUR 33.4 million to the Romanian company capital. The company owns the office building with the same name situated in Victoriei Square of Bucharest.

The capital brought is mostly few millions euros per company and the companies represents generally investment vehicles registered in Cyprus or the Netherlands, but also in Spain, Poland and Luxembourg.

The companies benefiting from supplementary amounts from their investors include Goldale Real Estate, with EUR 24.8 million capital infusion, Masterage Imobiliare, whose capital was increased with EUR 21.8 million (both companies are owned by the Spanish group Riofisa and the businessman Ion Ţiriac) and CEIF Industrial Epsilon, with EUR 5.6 million from the Australian investment fund Valad.

At the same time, Scottish Aberdeen Asset Management brought to the capital of the company DEGI Millennium Tower over EUR 19.4 million.  The company owns the office building Millennium Business Center, situated near Armenian Church in Bucharest centre, a building damaged by a big fire four years ago.

Another important investment made this year is the one of the Polish real estate developer Echo Investment. This has subscribed EUR 14.7 million to the capital of the company Echo Investments Project 1 in Braşov, through which intends to build a commercial centre in the city.

Canadian investors of the real estate company Benevo also brought EUR 2.8 million to the company Vic City, the developer of the commercial centre Victoria City Lifestyle, to be built Bucureştii Noi.

American group Prologis increased the capital of one of its companies in Romania, Prologis Joiţa (Giurgiu), with EUR 2.6 million, while the Greek businessman has capitalized twice the company Star Imob Construct with over EUR 3 million in total, a company used to buy the bankrupt commercial centre City Mall. The premises are being currently in a conversion process, turning into an office building.

Investors’ money also went towards companies outside Bucharest. The capital of Timişoara Office Building increased with EUR 4.23 million, while several vehicles registered in Cyprus - Land Târgu Mureş One, Land Suceava One, Land Sibiu One – benefited of funds totalizing nearly EUR 12 million. The companies are controlled by Rewo Management, part of Austrian group Volksbank, with real estate activities. At the same time, Flavus Investiţii investment fund supplemented the capital of Coresi Business Park with EUR 4.5 million.

Other real estate investors active on the Romanian market in the first six months were Wellkept Imobiliare, with shareholders from Cyprus, which received EUR 1.025 million, Talia Developments, with Spanish shareholders, with an investment of EUR 4.7 million and Town Imobiliare, bringing to the capital of their Bucharest based company EUR 1.3 million. (source: