Gheorghe sold in 2007 the company Activ Consulting to Cushman&Wakefield, and now the consultant took over again the shares, after the loss in the last years made Cushman to decide the closure of their direct office in Romania. Gheorghe remains though affiliated to Cushman&Wakefield and started a company extension process, opening new offices, in Cluj and in Republic of Moldova.

If the office in Cluj was opened following the requests of already existing clients in the industrial/logistic field, the office in Moldova was opened, as Gheorghe confesses, out of personal pride, with him being half Moldavian. The office in Moldova will focus on evaluation and tenants rep services. Considering the share the new office will have in his business by the end of next year, Gheorghe says that he expects that Cluj will bring approx. 10% of the business, while for Moldova he is not able to make estimations.

The company also has for over 10 years an office in Timisoara, covering approx. 30% of the company incomes.

The company controlled by Gheorghe has currently 30 employees, compared to 100 during the pick, aiming for this year a turnover of EUR 1 million, with EUR 0.4 million decrease compared to 2012 and 5 times smaller than the company’s best year.  The commercial spaces, the valuations and the property management have the biggest shares in its business.

Gheorghe says that the estimation follows his expectations for clients to renegotiate the constracts with the company in the next half of year, but also due to unpaid. The company has to recover approx. EUR 100,000, including EUR 60,000 from companies in insolvency.

The businessman says that he also have a new client this year in the project management field, an office project in Timisoara. Gheorghe says that there are requests for him to open an office in Iasi too. He stated that he intends to increase his share in the office market, hoping to reach the top 5 in the next 2 years.

About the market situation Razvan Gheorghe says that new development will stay at minimum level as there is no financing. As of the banks, Gheorghe added that their objective in this period is the selling of the executed assets. “They will probably sell 80% of the assets in 5 years, while in the next few years they will manage to get rid of 30-40% of the assets”. (source: