In Romania, the maintenance costs for A class office building vary currently between 3 and 5 euro/sqm/month. These costs represent what a company pays apart from rent and include services such cleaning and utilities consumption for the common area, installations and elevators maintenance, security and green area maintenance services. „The buildings and the system integrated within are more and more complicated to maintain. We estimate that up to 50% of the maintenance costs are actually supplementary costs that could be reduced through a more efficient space management and of the associated services .”, has declared Ioan Bejan. „Moreover, if a building is not properly maintained, the building degrades rapidly and there is the risk to become over time an unprofitable investment. The most efficient maintenance methods also have very reduced costs compared to the effects these methods have on the life extension of a building”, he added. RABO will soon organize a course dedicated to building maintenance management. The course Managing Building Maintenance, organized by RABO in partnership with British Institute for Facilities Management (BIFM), the most prestigious institute of its kind in Europe, will approach themes such as the usual malfunctions of the buildings and their prevention and treatment, the most frequent problems in connection with the heating and cooling office spaces and the proper maintenance of technical installations. The lecturer will be the professor Ian Cramp, who owns an experience over 30 years in the facility management industry. The course Managing Building Maintenance will take places on 6th of June in West Gate office complex. The course fee is EUR 465 plus VAT for RABO members and EUR 520 plus VAT for the other participants. (source: