Currently, the property tax is 0.1% of taxable value, regardless of its destination, for companies ranging from 0.25% to 1.50%, depending on the decisions of local Councils.


The new Fiscal Code, which will be applied from next year, establishes, however, that the property tax will be set differently depending on the destination of the buildings. The housing tax will be between 0.08% -0.2% of the taxable value of the building, calculated according to different criteria and companies will pay a tax of 0.2% -1.3%.


If the property occupied by a company was not reassessed in the last five years and was acquired previously a five-year period, the tax will be 2% of the statistical value of the building.


The study, prepared by tax advisors Dragos Pătroi, Adrian Bența and chartered accountant Robert Croitoru, reveal that tax for non-residential buildings, occupied by companies that have not been evaluated in the last 5 years will be 2.493% higher in the 50 localities. (Source: