'After hitting their lowest level over the past 15 years in 2011, the direct foreign investments have continued to grow, including in the first months of 2014, while compared with 2013 figures. This means that the foreign investors have remained interested and confident. The most important thing is that there are not financial investments, therefore volatile, but investments in the real economy, in production, in services. This allows us to have this sustainable and stable growth,' the Prime Minister maintained.


About the European funds, Ponta said that he wanted the figures to speak for themselves.


'We have reached, from 6.3 per cent in 2011, up to 36 per cent in Q1 2014, in the context in which we still have on all unblocked operational programmes in the past years ongoing works and works to reimburse. Strictly in figures, from 1.4 billion euros absorbed in the period 2009-2012, 5.4 billion euros in the period May 2012 - June 2014,' the Prime Minister said. (Source: actmedia.eu)