The report mentions that the projects Timisoara Plaza and Constanta Plaza are scheduled for 2014 with completion in 2015. Also next year it is possible that the works for Iasi Plaza starts too, with the latest starting in 2015. The projects in Slatina, Targu Mures and Hunedoara will start in 2015 and complete in 2016, according to this report. Csiki Plaza, a project started in 2008 in Miercurea Ciuc is still waiting for the external financing in order to be completed and Casa Radio, the biggest project of the company in Romania, it is scheduled for completion in 2014-2017. According to this report, Plaza Centers has delayed again the start of the construction of its projects in Romania, after he has announced, at the end of 2010, that the works for these projects will start in 2011-2012, and the report in 2011 announced a beginning term for 2013-2014, with completion in 2014-2015. Plaza Centers, the developer of the project Casa Radio in Bucharest, reported for last year financial loss of EUR 85.9 million, especially due to the diminution of EUR 34.1 million of the book value of its assets in Romania. (sursa: wall-street-ro)