Compared to June, the value of its portfolio increased with 2.84 pct. from EUR 808.8 million, mainly as a result of the investments made in the second quarter, and compared to September last year, when the portfolio was of EUR 554 million, 66 pct. growth was registered.


The company’s indebtedness ratio is 47.5 pct., compared to 44.9 pct. in June, with 2.6 points growth. Compared to September last year, when 32.4 pct. of the assets were debts, the growth is of 12.5 points.


The revenues before taxation registered EUR 39.3 million, with 52.9 pct. drop compared with the period January- September 2014, following several acquisitions in 2014. The company has reported EUR 38.2 million EBITDA, compared to EUR 10 million in the similar interval from 2014, with a growth of nearly four times.


”The Romanian market offers attractive real estate investments on medium and long term. WE believe that the global investors will relocate their capitals to more peripheral markets, such as Romania, in order to look for higher investment yields. As a result, Romania should become a more attractive destination for a wider range of investors”, consider the representatives of Globalworth.


Globalworh has completed this year the takeover of the office buildings Nusco Tower, UniCredit Tower and the two buildings in the Green Court complex. (source: