The office building will host the new quarters of the medical centre on six floors, being equipped with facilities specific to the medical domain. „The building on 55 Clucerului St. will be the third medical unit we open, starting 1st of June 2013”, has declared Maria Pop, general director of Panduri Medical Centre. „The medical field is between the few sectors in expansion in this economically difficult period.” said Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop Consulting. This year was observed an increased number of transactions for the tenants in the fields of medical services and medical products distribution. Apart from Panduri Medical Centre, since the beginning of the year Esop Consulting found quarters for another five operators in the medical field: Ortoprofil Prod Romania, Elpida Medical, Euromedica, Dentfix Pro and MIP Pharma Romania, with areas between 75 and 420 sq. m. Ortoprofil chosed Foisorul de Foc area, MIP Pharma Romania chosed Cotroceni, Dentfix Pro opted for Barbu Vacarescu, Elpida for Aviatiei, and Euromedica for Unirii. (sursa: