The palace and the park were acquired in 2007 by the local company Bucharest Arena from the heirs of the Stirbey family for EUR 9 million. One of the shareholders of Bucharest Arena is Ion Moraru, who was Government general secretary for many years in the Social-Democrat cabinets.


In 2009, the owners announced their plan to transform the Stirbey palace into an exclusivist compound with a five-star hotel and a museum dedicated to the Stirbey family. The properties are in the portfolio of Regatta Estate.


Stirbey Palace is a historical building of over a century and a half. In the ‘50s, the domain became state property under the new Communist regime, and was used for protocol. After the ‘89 Revolution it was turned into a hotel.


In 2006 it was returned to the six heirs of the Stirbey family, following a trial won at the European Court of Human Rights. (source: