The office complex City Business Centre was completed last summer, by delivering the fifth building of the project, following nearly EUR 50 million investments. Șandor sold in 2012 to NEPI the first three buildings of the project and the South-Africans had an agreement for the takeover of the entire business park upon its completion. Following the transaction, the businessman stayed the administrator of the project and was in charge with the development coordination of the other two buildings within the complex.


According to a decision of the shareholders, ModaTim Business Facility is fully owned by Timișoara Office Building, controlled by NEPI, which took over the shares of the company MT Inv Holding and of Ovidiu Șandor. Șandor also reisgned from the position of administrator of ModaTim Business Facility,being replaced Mirela-Florența Covasa, Cristian Bodea and Tiberiu Smaranda, all members in NEPI’s management.


City Business Centre is the largest A class office complex outside Bucharest, with a total rentable area of more than 43,000 sq. m. The current tenants of the complex include IBM, PwC, Vodafone, Alcatel-Lucent, Wipro, 3Pillar Global, Raiffeisen, NNDKP, Unicredit Bank etc.


Șandor and NEPI also develop in partnership the office complex The Office in Cluj-Napoca. (source: