The tenants, mostly from the IT&C field, has chosen recently developed buildings, such United Business Center Tower and Cluj Business Center in Cluj-Napoca, United Business Center in Iasi, Centrul de Afaceri Sibiu (in Sibiu) and Fructus Plaza in Timisoara.

"Most of the companies opening offices in 2013 in the big cities in the country are from IT&C field (57%), followed by the professional services and financial services fields, cumulating approx. 20% of the transactions", has declared in a press release Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop Consulting l CORFAC International, cited by Mediafax.

In his opinion, the growth of the number and volume of the transactions outside Bucharest are partly due to the personnel limitations the companies in the IT&C field are dealing in their extension on Bucharest market, as well as to the growth of the quality office spaces offer in big cities, which are also important university centres, with qualified labour, including for the IT&C field.

Last year offices totalizing 291,588 sq. m were rented in Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca was the most wanted destination outside Bucharest, with 9,609 sq. m. In Iasi 5,020 sq, m office spaces were rented, in Sibiu – 4,400 sq. m, in Timisoara – 3,989 sq. m, in Brasov - 180 sq. m and in Tulcea - 100 sq. m.

The biggest office transaction outside Bucharest in 2013 was the renting of 5,220 sq. m in United Business Center Tower in Cluj-Napoca, by the IT&C company Endava.

This transaction influenced the change of the cities in the top of renting offices. Therefore, if in the end of the third quarter the first place was taken by Iasi, followed by Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca on the third place, in the end of the year Cluj-Napoca went on the first place.


"It is worth mentioning that 2013 has highlighted a higher transaction rate in Cluj-Napoca, a university centre with tradition in Romania, and in the rest there was registered a relatively balanced distribution of the transactions between the other three big cities in completion - Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara, where total leases between 3,900 and 5,000 sq. m were registered", Petrescu added. (source: