"This year there are more requests from the companies for office spaces, compared to last year. However the space assigned by a company for each employee has decreased, from the historical 10 sq. m / employee to 5-6 sq. m / employee, therefore we face an overcapacity of the spaces. We have 40% more people, therefore we need to insure a better efficiency to the spaces and conditions ", has declared Robert Neale, managing partner Portland Trust during CEDER Conferences organized by CiJ Journal.


All these are translated into higher costs for the developers, which have to invest more in ventilation systems or heating, in dividing spaces and other facilities, according to Mediafax.


 David Hay, executive manager AFI Europe, also said that the decreasing of the square metres assigned for an employee started in the last 18 months, mentioning that these should be the main concern of the developers in the following period in order to meet the request.


Neale said that 20-25 pct. of the rented spaces in Floreasca Park, completed in the end of last year, are occupied by new companies on the market, while the information of The Advisers/Knight Frank shows that over 40 pct. of the request on the market comes from new companies. (source: wall-street.ro)