„In an interval between six and nine months, depending on season, I can deliver from scratch any area of A class greenfield building. We have lands, permits, we can build“, says Bogdan Piţigoi, the entrepreneur controlling Tester group of companies in Iaşi, with activities in automotive, real estate and textile, a business with EUR 33 million turnover and 1,400 employees.


In 2011, Piţigoi inaugurated the business centre Ideo, and two years ago large players with large request came to the market, such as the case of Oracle, or expanded, such as the case of Xerox.


„We succeeded to develop Ideo with two floors, on 3,300 sq. m area, in three months, only working during the night, following the expansion requests came from Xerox and Gfk“, the entrepreneur added. (source: zf.ro)