The occupancy rate of the two office projects went up to 72% for North Center and 91% for Iride Business Park. The new leases were signed with Adrem Invest and CBN International Europe for North Center and Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Romania and Acvatot for Iride Business Park. „Following these transactions, North Center became the building with the highest occupancy rate in Pipera North area while Iride Business Park makes a step forward towards our goal of 90% minimum occupancy rate”, said Eduard Zehetner, CEO Immofinanz Group. North Center is a smaller project thouch compared to others in the area, with less than 10,000 sq. m rentable area. Adrem Invest, a well-known global player in the field of installation solutions for secondary steel metallurgy and SCADA rented 527 sq m in North Center for 3 years. CBN International Europe, member of CBN group, an international leader in supplying systems for identity documents’ issue and validation, extended its leased area to the entire 2nd floor of North Center, approx. 1,400 sqm (15% of North Center). CBN lease for North Center was first signed in 2007. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Romania, has signed a lease for 1,100 sqm in Iride Business Park, for a five years period, while Acvatot rented more than 1,000 sqm for the same period. Iride Business Park is the biggest business park in Bucharest, with a total area of 93,000 sqm. Overall, the group owns nine properties in office sector, with a total rentable area of 206,185 sqm, a value of approx. EUR 351.2 million and more than 88% occupancy rate, figures registered on 31st of January 2013. (source: