In these areas, the developers, most of them local, have built thousand of apartments in the last six years. However, starting last year, the developers have relocated in other areas of Bucharest – downtown, semi-central or north, according to Business Construct magazine.

A series of projects which address the average to high income class appeared on the Bucharest market lately, and the prices gave signs of stabilization, a reason for, after many years of lethargy, the residential market succeeded in 2014 to be an engine for the local constructions market, and this year announces to be at least equally effervescent.


„ 2015 marks a rapid expansion of the residential market, but more mature compared to the period 2006-2008. The start of several projects of large dimensions is following, inclusively with more than 1,000 units each, which will be developed in several phases. From our data, in downtown and north, the main five residential developers have planed the building of more than 15,000 units on medium and long term. The difference compared to the boom period is that today the developers rely on real buyers, not only on speculative request“, has declared Matei Maloş, managing partner of, a real estate consultancy company. (Source: