Despite this overall increase, net investments entered a downward trend in Q3 when they dropped by 0.8 percent to RON 17.68 million. All the elements monitored by INS in calculating this indicator dropped in Q3. Net investments in new constructions were down by 5.6 percent, investments in equipment and means of transportation by 0.9 percent while the “other expenses” category was down by 19.2 percent. However, when comparing Q3 2016 data with the same perioad a year ago, net investments in constructions were up by 2.3 percent according to the same source.

In the first nine months of this year local companies have invested 6.6 percent more in equipment (including means of transportation) and 4.5 percent more in new constructions. The “other expenses category” posted a 7.1 percent drop.

Companies active in retail and services accounted for 37 percent of the overall volume of net investments reported in the first nine months of this year, industrial companies for 33.2 percent, construction companies for 22.4 and companies active in agriculture for 5.4 percent, according to the INS data. (source: