Moreover, additional four investments are in the phase of obtaining permits and pre-leasing – three retail projects and one office project – and they are going to add to NEPI’s portfolio 120,000 sq. m. The costs for these projects are estimated to EUR 75.8 million.


Overall, NEPI has a portfolio of 59 properties, most in Romania, evaluated at EUR 1.7 billion, being the largest real estate assets on the local market, as well as the largest retail owner in the country, according a company’s report.


The company’s office projects currently in construction are Victoriei Office (8,400 sq. m, EUR 21 million) and the second phase of the office complex The Office din Cluj-Napoca (19,400 sq.m, EUR 7.6 million.)


The office project in pipeline is the third phase of The Office in Cluj-Napoca (17,200 sq.m). (sursa: