The office complex was completed last summer, through the delivery of the fifth building of the project, following an investment of nearly EUR 50 million. Șandor sold in 2012 to NEPI the first three buildings of the park in Timișoara, the fund having signed an agreement for the complete takeover of the business park upon its completion. Following the transaction, the businessman remained the administrator of the entire project and was in charge with coordination of the development of the other two buildings in the project.


 City Business Centre is the largest A class office complex outside Bucharest, with a rentable area exceeding 43,000 sq. m.


The current tenants of the complex in Timisoara include IBM, PwC, Vodafone, Alcatel-Lucent, Wipro, 3Pillar Global, Raiffeisen, NNDKP, Unicredit Bank etc. Șandor andi NEPI also developed in partnership the office complex The Office in Cluj-Napoca. (source: