Portland Trust has presented recently during an event the technologies used to reduce the energy consumption in the office building Floreasca Park, to be completed this year.  Floreasca Park is the seventh project developed by Portland Trust in Romania, with an area of 38,000 sqm of offices. Floreasca Park is thus developed in order to reach the BREEAM standards for the qualification "Excellent".

Among the technologies used for the consumption cutback in the project, there are the 120m depth wells, one of the main components of the heating-cooling system to be implemented for the office building Floreasca Park. Based on „a system with geothermal heat pumps”, the technology used for the first time for an office building uses the own temperature and thermal mass of the soil in order to heat and cool the 38,000 sqm of office spaces. Due to this system up to 40% of the air conditioning costs are saved, having this way a large contribution for the project sustainability.  

Apart from the system using geothermal heat pumps, , Floreasca Park also features special double glazing, combined with reflection system anti-warmth on the southern and western façades in order to reduce the solar energy retention, as well as vertical wings on the western façade to minimize the solar light penetration. (source: wall-street.ro)