Presently, Pavilion H operates as a commercial center, housing several shops and clothing stores. The store owners have been informed that they need to pack-up and leave the premises to make way for the new locale which will be called Beerhouse H.

The new owners will pay an yearly rent of EUR 300.000 to EUR 600.000 and they estimate their new beerhouse-restaurant will be able to seat between 1.500 and 2.000 people.

“Under the Beerhouse H brand we can use the space as a restaurant, but during the weekend we will rent the room for concerts, shows and theater productions. We will not allow wedding though”, Vlad Dumitru commented, own of the major stockholders for the new business.

Pavilion H was built in the ’50′s to be used as an exposition space, but turned into a commercial centre at the beginning of the 90′s.


Brewery H will have to compete with other more popular established brands in the Bucharest nightlife landscape. One of these is Caru’ cu Bere, established in 1879. The restaurant owned by Dragos Petrescu services 2.000 patrons a day, 80% of which are foreigners, according to (source: