The villa is situated near Romana Square. Errected on 2,566 sq m plot of land, the construction has 2,200 sq m built area, with 1,980 sq m usable area and 27 parking places.

Second place is taken by a villa in Universitatii Sq. , with a price of EUR 7.5 million. The villa has 2,000 sq m usable area, built on 1,227 sq m plot, with 38 rooms, a kitchen, 7 bathrooms and a terrace.

Also in Universitate area there is another villa on sale, built in 1900, with 25 rooms and 1,550 sq m area, for EUR 7 million. The plot of land is 1,250 sq m.


The top was based on the sale offers listed on the portal and sent to MEDIAFAX. (source: