The top includes the extensions and new requests, excluding the renegotiations.

Charles de Gaulle Plaza – Area leased in 2013: 9,800 sq m. The tenants which signed this year include Generali, Lafarge and Tenaris.

Bucharest Tower Center - Area leased in 2013: 9,500 sq m. The tenants which signed this year include Cegeka and E&Y.

North Gate - Area leased in 2013: 5,500 sq m. Renault extended its area occupied in the building this year.

BOC - Area leased in 2013: 5,000 sq m. Honeywell extended its area occupied in BOC Building within Upground complex.

Delea Veche 24 - Area leased in 2013: 5,000 sq m. Bitdefender chose to move its offices in Delea Veche24.

Global City Business Park - Area leased in 2013: 4,800 sq m. Michelin is the most important tenant attracted by Global City this year.

AFI Park - Area leased in 2013: 4,700 sq m. Endava extended its area occupied in AFI Park 1 this year, other companies from the IT&C signed new leases.

Filipescu Office Building - Area leased in 2013: 3,500 sq m. Philip Morris decided to relocate in this building.

Swan Office&Technology Park - Area leased in 2013: 3,000 sq m. Mercedes chose to relocate in Swan.

Floreasca Park - Area leased in 2013: 3,000 sq m. Basf joined Oracle, signing a pre-lease for offices in Floreasca Park project.

"The buildings with very good locations, in central areas, served by public transportation and especially by metro stations remained the most attractive for tenants. It is not an accident that the most visible office buildings, as Charles de Gaulle Plaza or Bucharest Tower Center were chosen by the companies looking for representative offices, which reconfirms the prestige of these tenants as well as their position as employers on the local market", says Andreea Paun, associate director within the office department of Colliers.


There were also tenants that chose budget oriented solutions, in secondary areas such as East, Pipera or West. "Even in the case where concessions were made regarding the zone or the public transportation absence, the companies which chose to relocate their offices in the most quality buildings in the area – Swan Office & Technology Park, North Gate or Global City in Pipera, disputed for the “attention” of several players from the automotive and technology sectors. AFI Park, in Western part of the city, was chosen by some important tenants from the IT&C field as the best solution to attract the labour from the campuses of Politehnica and for the multiple advantages of the project – the mall vicinity, easy transportation, the building’s quality and efficiency", Andreea Paun added. (source: