The Company is the administrator of the Proprietatea Fund in Romania. „It is unbelievable what happened in Cyprus. Those events strongly affected the trust for Europe. Even so, I would invest in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. Those countries are progressing reasonably and, as Europe will recover, the markets of those countries will be better and better”, has declared Mobius in an interview for CNBC. He considers that the East European countries will not be able to rely anymore the help of the international institutions. „I believe that eventually these countries will succeed in prosper on their own.” The president of Templeton Emerging Markets Group says that the investors started to “wake up to reality” and realize that the stock is currently the only way to get real return. American stock is traded currently around the highest numbers in history; the main index of the New York Stock registered two numbers increase from the beginning of 2013. Mobius has about a third of his personal portfolio in cash and plan to reduce the level in the future. (sursa: