The partnership of the two Romanian companies, as well as the launch of 360˚ Office Solutions by Mobexpert Office & Global Vision project were announced during an event that took place on July 6th at Mobexpert Office Pipera showroom.

The impact of the pandemic on office spaces, on work relationships, on the relationship between building owners and tenants has become a topic of interest and very often debated. According to a study conducted by EY, over the past two years, more than 55% of office spaces has undergone changes, highlighting a market need and increasing interest in finding ways to adapt office spaces to the needs of their occupants.

Recently, the focus has been on how companies approach “return to the office” challenge, and this partnership`s goal is to help businesses grow by providing complete workspace solutions. The 360˚ Office Solutions project by Mobexpert Office & Global Vision is providing specialized consulting and “custom made” projects adapted to companies profile and needs.

“I believe it’s a different partnership, at least from a few perspectives. The structure of our partnership with Mobexpert is different in the light of our companies history – we are two Romanian companies that are part of two complementary industries. Mobexpert has developed in the approximately 30 years of activity, multiple solutions for design office, Global Vision started almost 20 years ago as a construction company, growing its activity in the area of office real estate developments and projects with mixed functions, but also in the property management on long-term. Our industries are relatively new in Romania, which allows me to say that we are two companies with tradition and subsistence in this industry. Moreover, we share the same set of values - flexibility, agility, innovation, and passion for what we do. Starting this year, we want to focus more on the segment of office development and target a certain segment – small and medium-sized companies. Together with Mobexpert we can build, based on a very good understanding and assessment of needs, customized solutions that include, especially for the small and medium segment, turnkey projects, from furniture and spaces, to providing support in terms of technology, or even funding”, says Sorin Preda, Founder and CEO of Global Vision.

“We got involved in the partnership with Global Vision out of the desire to offer complete and customized solutions for current office spaces. We don`t want to passively look at the radical changes in the area of workspaces, we want to support through innovative solutions a field strongly affected by the pandemic. From the very beginning, the Mobexpert Office division offered new perspectives on office design, and we want to continue in the same way. Together with our partner – Global Vision – we believe that we will be able to respond promptly to the current market requirements “, said Dan Sucu, Founder and President of Mobexpert.

“We are happy to be partner with Global Vision and we believe that together we will be able to meet the current challenges in the area of office spaces. We believe that any company can confidently use the solutions offered through the newly launched platform, 360˚ Office Solutions, from start-ups, to companies that have important surfaces. Identifying current market needs and providing customized solutions will be essential steps in rethinking office spaces for the future. Mobexpert Office can offer complete services for offices, from concept and design, authorization, project management, fit-out, furniture, transport and installation including relocations and service. We are going through a period full of changes in the office market, and of course, this involves the rethinking of businesses and permanent updating the products and services dedicated to the market”, states Adelina Badea, CEO of Mobexpert.

“In the past year, we have encountered many situations in which employers have allocated budgets for the refurbishment of office spaces, to persuade employees to return to office. I believe that refurbishment satisfies a curiosity, not a need. Here we find the essence of this sensitive subject. A general architectural solution does not work, because the decision makers in this process are emotional, personal. This is the solution with which we aim to meet our clients, starting a consulting process to profile employees, identifying the factors that motivate them professionally and personally. Following such an analysis, based on the expertise of Global Vision and Mobexpert, we can draw a customized solution for each organizational culture, a solution that satisfies long-term needs, and not just short-term curiosities ”, adds Codrin Apostol, Global Vision Executive Director, Property and Facility Management division.