"Millennium Building Development states that this building complies with the highest quality and security standards in constructions. The building is indubitably legal, the construction permit being issued by the City Hall Sector 1, with the observance of all legal requirements, being valid through the entire construction stage. We specify that the decision of cancelation of the permit, ten days after the building’s reception, was taken based on issuer’s jurisdiction reasons. The Court said the permit should have been issued  by the General Council of Bucharest and not by the City Hall District 1, although the General Council has admitted that it has never  issued construction permits and that there was no qualified personnel  in its structure for this respect ", the company writes in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX, also saying that the investor cannot be held responsible for the “ambiguity related to the competent authority in issuing the construction permit".

At the same time, Millenium Building Development says that, during construction works, special measures were being taken in order to protect the monument nearby, the Romano-Catholic Cathedral.

"The building’s architecture was planned in accordance with the representatives of the Romano-Catholic Archdiocese (ARCB), so that the building highlights the religious institution nearby ", the release shows.

Millennium Building Development emphasizes that it is about “a vicinity conflict generated by the change of position of ARCB on the background, it seems, of some misunderstandings with the former owners of Millennium Building Development, misunderstandings that the new owners intend to solve".


The company restates the trust in Bucharest city Hall solving its request that the building enters legality, by issuing a new construction permit, specifying that “the demolition would bring Bucharest residents direct damages of more than EUR 70 million, representing the operation’s costs as well as the claims Bucharest City Hall should pay to the owner ".  (source: economica.net)