The market value of Militari Shopping Center, with a rentable area of 53,400 sq. m has decreased last year with EUR 6.2 million, to EUR 65.2 million, shows the company’s financial report. The yield is estimated at 9.1%, in stagnation.

"In Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Latvia the portfolios have been reevaluated down, mainly because of the slight estimated rent reduction. The portfolio in Poland was reevaluated up with 1.6% or EUR 16.3 million, mainly due to yield compression ", the report mentions.

The net revenues obtained in Romania represent 3.4% of the total turnover form renting the 153 properties Atrium owns in several countries, with an estimated value of EUR 2.4 billion. Moreover, the company owns lands for developments of EUR 583.2 million value, including in Arad and Constanta, where it intends the development of retail parks.

According to the financial report, the company’s goal for this year regarding the investment policy is the focus generally on the main markets it activates,  respectively Poland, with 22 properties, Czech Republic, with 95 properties and Slovakia, with 3 properties.


At the company level, the net revenues have increased with 5.3%, to EUR 190 million. (source: