Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Residence real estate developer changed its name to Metropolitan Developments and expanded its portfolio.
"We made the decision to integrate all our projects under a new brand, Metropolitan Developments, given the specific mixed use of the latest project launched, Metropolitan Crown Towers (residential, commercial and office), as well as our recent entry into new market segments, middle and middle-upper. In our future plans we consider several types of real estate projects ”, says Victor Vremera, Sales Director, Metropolitan Developments.

By 2020, Metropolitan Developments has four major projects underway and four more in pipeline and is focusing on the central and northern areas of the Capital. 
In 2020, the company is working for the project from Șoseaua Viilor, Metropolitan Viilor, with 200 apartments, phase II of the Metropolitan Mihai Bravu project, with 81 apartments, the Metropolitan Berceni project, with 200 apartments and the ultra-premium Metropolitan Crown Towers project, with 236 apartments, which also includes office and commercial spaces, a project located near the King Michael I Park in Romania (Herastrau). In parallel, Metropolitan Developments is working on the start of four other projects, on their own land or in association, in the areas of Aviatiei, Pipera, Candiano Popescu and Baneasa.

"Metropolitan Developments is extremely connected to customer requirements and plans to expand its portfolio with new middle, middle-upper and luxury projects. The biggest challenge is Metropolitan Crown Towers, an ultra-premium project designed to bring Bucharest a new symbol-building and to be a player in a luxury area, still untapped to its full potential”, adds Victor Vremera, Sales Director, Metropolitan Developments. (source: Metropolitan Developments)