While World Class will directly compete with the sports and fitness centre Viva Sport, situated on Olteniţei Road, in the close vicinity of Piaţa Sudului, Medlife established its new clinic across the road from a clinic of Regina Maria network.


The building where World Class and Medlife decided to open new units belongs to Belgian retailer Mega Image. The supermarket network opened in the end of 2013 the store in Piaţa Sudului, with an area of 2,300 sq. m, being one of its largest on the local market. The building where the store opened is situated across the road from Sun Plaza mall and it is build on a plot of land bought by Mega Image from Tănăsoiu family, the developer of S-Park business park in Piaţa Presei.


Currently Piaţa Sudului area is a true working site, as an underground passage is being built in the area, aiming to reduce the traffic. (Source: zf.ro)