Mecanica Fina's shareholders decided on the move in January and at the beginning of August it was approved by the Bucharest Stock board of governors, according to a press release.


In 2009 Mecanica Fina stopped producing measuring equipment and shifted its focus to the real estate market, letting out its own buildings.


In 2014 the company's turnover rose by 17% to 5.5 million lei, or 1.2 million euro, with rent revenues accounting for almost 77% of it. Mecanica Fina is letting out an area of approximately 17,000 sq m, based on 30 contracts.


Mecanica Fina's majority shareholder is Mol Invest Bucuresti with a stake of over 91%. Italian businessman Sergio Mollo owns a stake of more than 99.98% in Mol Invest Bucuresti.


Mecanica Fina has a market capitalisation of 31.5 million lei as of August 7.


In October 2014, Romania's parliament passed a law to close down Rasdaq, giving companies traded on the over-the-counter market 12 months to decide whether they will transfer to the regulated market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, on the ATS, or become closed companies. (source: