The AAF informs, in a release, that the net assets of the foreign funds distributed in Romania increased by 5 per cent in April compared to the previous month, having reached 524 million Euros.


At the same time, the net assets held by the 27 closed-end funds, decreased by 0.6 per cent in the this month, having reached 191 million Euros at the end of the month. The net subscriptions recorded by local funds in April were worth 56 million Euros, by some 6 million Euros above the level recorded in the previous month.


According to the AAF in April, FDI Plus Invest resumed its issue of shares, which was interrupted during the takeover of the fund by SAI Muntenia Invest SA.


The AAF is made up of 21 investment management companies (SAIs), five financial investment companies (SIFs) and three depositary banks. (source: