Cristian Petrescu, development manager, said for that the new store will cover 13,000 square meters and is part of the retailer’s five-year investment plan started in 2011 when they entered the market.


Meanwhile, the second Leroy Marlion location in the country will be ready for inauguration in the fall in Craiova, however the retailer has experienced difficulties in getting this project off the ground.


“We’ve had some trouble so far with the Craiova unit. If as of this moment work on the store would be done in fast-forward, then we could see it open in September. It’s not up to us”, Cristian Petrescu said.


Leroy Marlin is one of the retailers in the race to acquire the Baumax stores after the German retailer exits the market, along with Praktiker and Kingfisher. (source: