Integrated into the One Cotroceni Park ecosystem, BAT DBS's new offices not only meet immediate working needs but also contribute to building an integrated community supported by the facilities offered by this development, a true urban hub offering a variety of services, from restaurants and cafes to relaxation spaces and areas dedicated to recreational activities.

BAT DBS, the largest shared services centre of the BAT group, providing financial, human resources, IT services, and more, reaffirms, through this move, its commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being. With an area of approximately 11,200 square meters accommodating over 1,200 BAT DBS employees, this innovative space harmoniously blends natural materials with modern aesthetics, expressing the company's values and DNA. Lemon Office Design's approach to the project focused on creating an environment that not only reflects BAT's vision but also promotes continuous evolution.

”In collaboration with BAT DBS, our goal was to go beyond the traditional office concept by creating a space where ideas thrive organically and where everyone truly feels inspired. This project successfully demonstrated that carefully crafted design can optimize the connection between employees. We are extremely grateful to the BAT team for their trust and openness to every proposed innovation. Together, we have built more than just a place where people come to work; we have created an environment where collaboration and inspiration intersect every day”, said Elena Oancea, co-founder of Lemon Interior Design.

The reception area and workspaces are designed to stimulate interaction and creativity, blending vibrant colours with biophilic elements. The lounge space and modular arrangement of chairs emphasize flexibility and comfort, highlighting the company's concern for employee well-being and encouraging interaction among them. This approach not only enhances employee comfort but also underscores BAT's commitment to sustainability, serving as a tribute to the synergy between people and the common vision.

”The office relocation emerged as a result of our commitment to building a better future (A Better Tomorrow™), both for employees and society. Several factors were taken into account, with a priority on adhering to ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles, as well as creating a motivating and high-performing environment. Employee well-being is at the core of everything we do, so the office design focused on creating collaborative spaces that support a sense of well-being, learning, and development, all aimed at facilitating connections and creating memorable moments”, said Mario Calero Leyva, General Manager, BAT DBS Romania.

The layout of BAT's offices at One Cotroceni Park is also noteworthy because Lemon Office Design's team of architects and designers chose to integrate natural elements, transforming the traditional workspace into an organic and vibrant environment. By using natural light, plants, and sustainable materials, nature is brought indoors, serving as evidence of the company's mission to promote sustainability, as well as an efficient way to stimulate employee comfort and productivity.

Additionally, Lemon Office Design has implemented state-of-the-art technologies to create a dynamic and sustainable work environment. These solutions include intelligent lighting and climate control systems that adapt to users' needs and external conditions. And the flexible design of the spaces allows for efficient resource utilization and adaptation to company developments.

From concept to implementation, the project carried out by Lemon Office Design for BAT's offices represents a successful blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. BAT DBS's move to One Cotroceni Park means more than just a change of location; it represents a strategic investment in the future and the company's promise to provide exceptional services to its employees and partners. By combining Lemon Office Design's expertise with BAT DBS's vision, the new office space sets a standard in innovation, technological integration, and sustainability in workspace design.

Founded by Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea, Lemon Interior Design stands out for innovative concepts and comprehensive management of interior arrangements, both for residential and office spaces, through its office division, Lemon Office Design. Lemon has won numerous national and international awards, including "BIG SEE Interior Design Awards Winner," Remarkable Awards: "Bucharest, Largest Offices, over 1,500 sqm" and "Bucharest, premium & high-end residential," Real Estate Awards: "Architecture/Design Studio of the Year" and "The Most Appreciated Interior Design Studio," Forbes 500 Awards, all obtained in 2023, Forbes Residential Buildings The New Way of Living Gala: "The most dynamic name in the field of interior design" obtained in 2022, Real Estate: "The Most Appreciated Premium Design Studio" in 2021. Lemon Interior Design is also the winner of the European Property Awards 2019: "Best Interior Design Private Residence Romania" for a private residence within a One complex and "Best Interior Design Apartment Romania" for Lake Loft, as well as "Bathroom Design Romania Award" for Skyline. In 2015, the company was awarded the "Visionary Design" prize at the Casa Lux Awards Gala, and in 2014 for "Best design for a living space" at the Elle Decoration Design Awards Gala.

BAT is a strategic employer in Romania, creating over 3,000 jobs within its three companies present here: BAT Investment – the factory in Ploiești, BAT Trading – the distribution company, and Digital Business Solutions – the integrated services centre in Bucharest, the largest centre of its kind within the group. BAT generates another 30,000 jobs indirectly, through the distribution and supply chain. The number of BAT employees has steadily increased, on average by about 10%, in each of the over 25 years of the company's presence in Romania. In 2022, BAT was the second-largest taxpayer to the Romanian state budget, with approximately 10.2 billion lei paid in taxes and excise duties.