The transaction represents the biggest new lease agreement signed in Romania in industrial sector in 2013, being at the same time the most important transaction in the industrial production sector in Moldova County in the last years.

Developed by Bogdan Pitigoi, the CEO of Tester group of companies, Solo Industrial Park represents the first prime industrial development in the North-East of Romania, to be delivered at the end of this year. Situated at 9 km from the centre of the city of Iasi, in Letcani village, the industrial park has direct access to the European road E85 (Iasi – Bacau – Buzau – Bucharest).

The American producer Lear Corporation is the first tenant of the project, which will already start the production in January 2014. This new unit will create more than 1,500 working places in Iasi district.

„The transaction of Lear is significant as expresses the interest of the foreign producers for opening new factories in Romania, by facilitating new working places, as well as it represents an important sign that the North-Eastern Romania becomes attractive for the producers” has declared Marian Orzu, the head of industrial department within CBRE Romania.

Following the y-o-y growth of the automotive sector in Banat area (Timisoara - Arad – Oradea) and South Muntenia (Pitesti – Craiova), other geographic zones of Romania start to attire the attention of the producers in this field. Those new zones include Moldova, Maramures and Central Transylvania.

The availability and specialization of the labour, the absence of the concurrence in attracting qualified human resources, the availability of the developers for built-to-suit projects or the existence of the available projects, already built or in construction represent the main assets of these new zones.

Marian Orzu, Head of Industrial Department, added:  “This year was a very good year for the industrial market and mostly for the production facilities segment. The industrial department within CBRE Romania has brokered over 80,000 sq. m industrial spaces in 2013, with over 40% transactions for producers”.


The Lear Corporation’s Iasi factory will serve car producers from the entire Europe, adding to the other units owned by Lear Corporation in Romania, in Pitesti and Campulung. (source: