Moreover, the lands are more and more requested for individual constructions also, according to RE/MAX.


” Unlike the period from 2007 - 2008, buyers no longer looking for land speculatively, but turn their attention to areas that offer high construction potential and certain urban factors”, has declared Răzvan Cuc, Regional Director RE/MAX România.


According to him, positioning remains the most important criterion in selecting suitable land, the acquisition being determined subsequently by other issues too, such as the access to utilities, roads, entrances and neighborhoods. Also, the company representative says that prices differ substantially according to these factors and to the potential for development.


Considering the cities with most significant growth of the land transactions, the company indicates Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Brașov and Iași as the most effervescent zones.


Incidentally, in the first six months of this year in these cities, the real estate market grew by about 5% due to the large number of residential projects completed or under development.


Also taking into account the positive evolution of the national economy, RE / MAX estimates that land which underlie any kind of development will remain on an upward trend over the next year too.



” Reported to the real estate market, we believe that land is the investment with the highest potential for growth, but for the investor to achieve good results in the long term, our recommendation is to approach real estate consultants qualified and experienced, who can identify and motivate potential of these areas”, the company’s representative added. (source: