Moreover, Kingfisher took over EUR 7 million cash availabilities within the same transaction, so the total amount paid by the British company for the stores reached 63 million pounds (EUR 75 million), Mediafax says.

The 15 stores taken by Kingfisher from Bricostore had 11 million pounds turnover (EUR 13 million) in the first month of their inclusion in the group results, the report also shows.

Kingfisher announced in April the takeover of the 15 Bricostore units from the French retail company Group Bresson, with EUR 131 million sales last year and considered the business growing on long term to approx. 50 stores.  

Kingfisher is still looking for acquisition on international level and could have the option of buying Romania and Turkey units of the Austrian chain bauMax, has declared in June the company’s head, Ian Cheshire.


The stores in Romania will be rconfigured in Brico Dépôt format, used by the British group in France and Spain. (source: