„Our plans include at least 10 stores in Bucharest by 2015, including the stores already existent“, have declared for ZF the representatives of Kaufland, currently having opened stores in Barbu Văcărescu, Sebastian, Colentina and Mihai Bravu areas in Bucharest.

The investment for the six new Kaufland stores can be estimated at approx. EUR 50 million, as the German company usually buys the land and owes the spaces.

The company, part of the group owned by the billionaire Dieter Schwarz, also controlling the Lidl network, is currently developing new stores in Militari, Pantelimon and Berceni districts, units scheduled for opening in 2014.

Currently, the food retailer market in Bucharest is dominated by 12 foreign networks, within the most powerful positions are held by the French Carrefour, with the biggest number of hypermarkets (8 units), but also with supermarkets and proximity shops, as well as by the Belgium’s Mega Image, with over 170 units in Bucharest. (sursa: zf.ro)