After 14 years of activity in Romania, Kärcher has demonstrated its success on the local market and is turning its attention to one of its main objectives – that of being closer to its customers and partners.

“Kärcher Romania has demonstrated that it has the capacity for rapid growth, and the objectives have become increasingly ambitious, so we have decided to invest in the construction of a new office. With these new headquarters we have created the conditions to provide excellent services for our customers in Romania. The modern building was designed to accommodate our business needs for the next years. It incorporates all the infrastructure needed for business: a training center (Academy), a logistic center, a very well-equipped service area, demo zones and a flagship Kärcher Center of 600 square meters. This enables us to provide tailored services and high quality standards to our local customers and dealers“, said Hartmut Jenner, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Management of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG.

The opening of the new headquarters in Pipera represents the most important investment of the German group in Romania this year, the last significant investments, being the openings of the newest Kärcher Centers, in Timișoara and Militari Shopping.

In addition to facilitating a more efficient communication between employees, the purpose of launching the new headquarters is represented by the desire to create the necessary conditions to provide excellent services to customers in Romania. Demo spaces help customers to test the three categories of products – home and garden, products for professional and special business use. The exterior of the building also accommodates a Clean Park that includes a brush portal and three self-service stations.

The showroom at the new location is the largest in Romania and stretches over an area of 600 sqm. Here, customers can find a wide range of cleaning equipment, accessories, and products for domestic and professional use: pressure cleaners, multifunctional wet-dry vacuum cleaners, window cleaners, steam cleaners, electrical floor cleaners, products for cleaning and maintenance of gardens.

The same building hosts other two companies belonging to the group: Interpool, an international HR management consultancy firm and Zoi, an IT consulting company.

Currently, Kärcher owns eight Kärcher Center representative in Romania, in Bucharest, Iași, Bacău, Cluj, Târgu-Mureș and Timișoara, as well as two factories in Curtea de Arges. Last year alone, the company had a turnover of 26.5 million euros, 18% more than the previous year.  The group’s turnover was over 3 billion euros, 13.6% more than last year – a record.

“Romania is a country with a huge potential in Eastern Europe, but also globally and for the group, so I am confident that there is room for expansion. We have made an important commitment to our colleagues and clients, and we aim to use the opportunities for expansion and investment in the future as well,” adds Hartmut Jenner, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Management of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG.