"We have collaborations with 13 large companies looking for office space in Romania, totaling around 45,000 sqm. We estimate that they will have around 4,500 new employees, a significant number, compared to the last 5-6 years ", explained Marius Șcuta, head of the office division within JLL. He believes that the net demand for office space will rise to pre-pandemic levels this year.

These companies are in fields such as IT, automotive, support, and not all of them are looking for offices in Bucharest, but are also exploring developed regional centers such as Timisoara, Iasi and Cluj.

According to JLL, some of the hills cover large areas of 20,000 square meters, which will evolve in several phases and for which the employment rate and the time of arrangement of the spaces will count a lot, which has increased significantly. Marius Șcuta states that the minimum term for the arrangement is currently eight months, given that before the owners could prepare surfaces of 5,000 sqm in three months.

Regarding the situation generated by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, JLL states that there have been no requests for relocations of offices from Kyiv or Moscow to Bucharest. "But we have a request from a company that is part of JLL's global client portfolio, which is looking for 100 apartments for rent for its employees in Ukraine. It is possible that they will also be accommodated in Romanian offices, in order to be able to continue their work. There are many western companies that are looking for opportunities to relocate their employees in Romania and Poland, but for now the emphasis is on supporting people to leave the conflict zone ", points out Andrei Văcaru, head of the investment team within JLL Romania.